My name is Corinna and I grew up around Stuttgart. During my two year apprenticeship in a photography lab I developed an interest for photography. Through my travels to far off places or close to home, with friends or on my own, I discovered my interest for writing and through a cloak-and-dagger-operation I ended up in Vienna, where I spent just short of ten years.

After a few years having a daily routine determined by fashionable photographers, trendy artists and other fulltime creatives I realised that, deep down, I am also something completely different: just hungry for adventure.

So I resigned from my safe job, gave up my lovely apartment and everything else that might be a monthly financial burden. I sold or gave away my few belongings and packed my blue suitcase for an unknown time. The contents of my baggage; a small camera, my laptop and a few items of clothing. My destination; South Sudan.

That’s how I spent over two years travelling alone through South Sudan and Uganda. I collected a lot of stories with colourful images and funny texts, an innovative paperwork project, which I am still devoted to do this day and a sometimes complicated nomadic life.

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